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Theatre in Education

A well-respected “theatre in education” resource, Covenant Players uses drama to creatively address a wide-range of topics across the PSCHE and SEAL curriculum. Our method: to provide entertaining and thought-provoking material; to involve audiences in discussion and workshops, challenging and encouraging them to live to their fullest potential.  Covenant Players is a professional theatre company, fielding touring troupes which perform original theme-based plays in service to the leadership of churches, schools, PRUs, secure units, prisons, social service agencies, community and government organisations.


The plays are engaging, entertaining and yet challenging. The drama will involve young people in looking at issues such as; communication skills, co-operation, addiction, self-harm, purpose, anti-social behaviour, anxiety, anger-management, aspiration and hope, empathic skills, re-inclusion, peer pressure, bullying, drug and alcohol issues, peer leadership, resilience, citizenship… Throughout these programmes there is a strong emphasis on affirmation, building confidence and self-esteem.


Our theatre-communications workshops give opportunity for individuals to access and express their thoughts and feelings; developing their ideas in new ways.  They provide a safe environment in which to explore difficult issues, make informed decisions and speak into patterns of behavior and may involve young people in devising their own dramatic presentations to support their learning.

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